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Kung fu for kids and adults. Tai Chi for adults.


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Learn Praying Mantis Kung Fu!

Rachel Blocks


 Fear is an Illusion

Sadie tells of her discovery through kung fu training that "fear is an illusion."


Learning Pages

Every month I write an article on the history and techniques of kung fu based on my 27 years experience and research. These articles can be found at the website

Plum Flower Mantis Boxing.com

Below are my recent articles.


Kuangyin Creates Calamity at Golden Bridge

A chapter of a Qing Dynasty martial novel called Complete Classic of the Flying Dragon that showcases the exploits of Zhao Kuangyin before he went on to found the Song Dynasty over 1000 years ago.

This Chapter tells how he saves "Quiet-Cai" a meek tempered man. In real life "Quiet-Cai" became Emperor of China several years before Zhao Kuangyin.

Green waters flow throw the creek,
Verdant mountains obscured by darkness,
Ravens and rabbits hasten east and west.

Jackals and wolves have seized the streets and blocked the thoroughfares,
Howling tigers answer crying apes.


Why All Kids MUST learn Martial Arts

Learning Martial Arts is so much more than just self defense. It is not just the discipline and principles that they will use for the rest of their lives. It is that they are learning not to freeze in fear when someone gets aggressive with them. This is a lesson that can save their lives, just ask 9 year old Calysta.





Secret Spear of Shaolin


The manual of Warrior Monk Hong Zhuan is the only known recording of Ming era Shaolin martial arts written by a Shaolin Monk!





Kids Class Video

Kicks, punches and self-defense, watch a typical kids class!



Leah and Grace competed in May at the Yoshukai Martial Art Tournament.


In Tampa!

Tai Chi in Tampa

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Tampa Kung Fu


Learn kung fu in Tampa! Our Tampa kung fu school is located at 7010 Sheldon Rd Tampa. Get Started Now!


We are sad to see our dedicated friend and student Jay leave for Salt Lake City. Here is his letter and reflection of experience at Tampa Kung Fu.

Personal Testimony

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The easiest way to get started is to come by Tampa Kung Fu and try out  FREE class. Call 813-407-8982 or write to kevinbrazier@yahoo,com to schedule your first free class! Don't Wait!!!

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Our Last Class in the Park


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